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Piepenbrock Sicherheit GmbH, Germany

We are extremely pleased with every aspect of the Pancomp products and solutions quality, the reliability of the promised performance, the service and support as well as with the cooperation with Pancomp. The Pancomp solution features have met all our expectations; they are easy to implement and handle, and include relevant and effective tools to improve our efficiency. It is easy to recommend Pancomp as a dependable partner as well as the Pancomp solutions as such.

Joachim Mathussek
Betriebsleiter Sicherheit / Operations manager, Security



Pancomp Clean improved the profitability of Meranti Cleaning Services through producing up-to-date and accurate information about the contracted sites.

Benefits for Meranti

Detaching the company from a price war and conducting profitable business. Real-time, accurate information from customer premises which is useful in the company’s strategic decision-making. The reputation as an innovative employer has also increased the interest of potential workers in joining the company.

”Earlier on I did not have a sufficient image of the state of the premises. Had the situation continued as it was, the image of the reality would have become blurred. I would have neither known what was going on at the premises nor how the work was being conducted there. This would have hampered the development of the company’s business. Today I am able to give the operative management the right tools and things are done right first time.”

”We have managed to keep the promises made to clients. Personally I have been more and more able to focus on developing the company now that I do not have to take part in the operative activities.”

Antti Pietilä
Managing Director – Meranti Siivouspalvelut

Silkeborg Municipality, Denmark

We wanted for our 236 assistants and 4 supervisors, who deal with 300 000 m² of cleaning area, a paperless real-time documentation system for planning and management of cleaning tasks -Pancomp was the right solution!

Joel Englblad
Manager of cleaning dept.

Friis Rengöring Aps, Denmark

We use Pancomp solution because we simply have won huge orders with the help of the solution and partnership with Pancomp. Pancomp has clearly been an asset, and instrumental in increasing our customer relationships and earnings.

André Friis
Service Manager

Dussmann Service Gmbh, Germany

We are extremely pleased with every aspect of the product quality, the reliability of the promised performance and with the service and support and cooperation with Pancomp.

H-J Grosser
Director of Security Services

Fraport AG, Germany

The Pancomp products have proved as an ideal support for our services provided at the airport. We are fully satisfied with the quality and reliability of the product.

Baha Irani
Informations- und Kommunikationsdienstleistungen

PartnerGroup, Hungary

We are very pleased with Pancomp, because we make our service transparent. We have used it from 2010 and we add more and more employees to the system. The main target is all of company’s workers use the system and we service in high quality. We use customized quality checking cards in hospitals, offices and shopping centers, as it helps us to control the quality. The support is excellent, available when we need it from the headquarter of Pancomp!

Lajos Kovács
Operational Director