About Pancomp International

At Pancomp we provide mobile time attendance and guard tour systems for Cleaning and Security companies. We enable easy and efficient tracking of events at customer sites, thus increasing productivity and security resulting in better profits. We make service operations transparent.

Pancomp solutions increase productivity and improve security, leading to an increase in profits. Cleaning companies become efficient, and Security companies can provide verifiable guard service.

Pancomp International Ltd is a strongly growing and internationally operating company with excellent competence. We enable companies to increase their efficiency in day-to-day business operations with solutions that consist of a complete set of tools to manage the entire mobile work force. We have wide experience in state-of-the-art technologies and R&D projects in the field of wireless communications.

The success of Pancomp International Ltd is based on professional and motivated personnel. We are committed to R&D and the latest technologies. Pancomp’s core lies in its strong R&D unit and the understanding of customers’ business. It is the basis for our ability to react fast and successfully to the needs of our customers. One of our core values is continuous development in our competencies.



Pancomp International Ltd has built strong relationships to different stakeholders, which enable us to concentrate on our core business, thus resulting in maximizing the value delivery to our customers.


Want to be a reseller?

We are constantly looking for partners to extend the channels towards our target segments in Security and Cleaning business. If you feel that you have good contacts in your territory to our target segments and you feel that Pancomp solutions have good potential, feel free to contact us in order to discuss co-operation.

Pancomp History

Journey to becoming the producer of best solutions in the world
In 2002, at the time of Europe’s transition to the single currency and fast implementation of various hi-tech innovations on a global scale, a need for new technological inventions and mobile solutions was imminent. This challenge was taken on in Oulu, Finland, where a company called Pancomp was founded by the management of the company with the help of a business angel. The software development for short range wireless technology solutions was started. From the start, the development efforts were aimed at finding solutions for customers in the international markets. The vision for Pancomp was to create the best technology and solutions in the world for customers, who want to improve the effectiveness of their business.

Product development and growth
Pancomp business started as a software development subcontractor for large companies, Nokia among others. The business and know-how grew with the large companies, and the company’s own product development in the area of mobile workforce management solutions progressed. Pancomp time and attendance management products were developed together with Finnish cleaning companies. From the start, Pancomp products were developed with scalability in mind, so that products could be used by any size company in an international environment. Development went well and was bringing in customers, however internationalisation was not easy. It took a lot of persistence and hard work, but in 2006 the sales efforts and travelling had panned out and the business went abroad.
After a couple of years of hard work, technical developments and marketing Pancomp was in a situation where the company had customers in eight countries across Europe. Pancomp solutions were focused on mobile workforce and workflow management especially on the cleaning, security and janitorial companies.

Transparency in partnership
Pancomp wanted to be closer to the customers and serve them better, therefore the company’s solution for the international breakthrough was to open an office in Berlin. The Pancomp business expansion to 15 countries through partnerships and customers was enabled by the uncompromising willingness to become the best time and attendance management solution provider. The steady growth continues and Pancomp keeps expanding to new international markets.
The faith in own software, products and vision has become stronger with experience. Pancomp has succeeded and grown along with its customers to become the trusted partner in mobile time and attendance management. The principal of transparency has been key in maintaining the old and acquiring new customers. Transparency has also been a significant factor in the company employees being committed to the company and its ways of working. Today Pancomp is a strong player in the mobile work and personnel management field, one of the best solution providers in the world. Pancomp continues to want to face new challenges and customers, who to succeed with.

Pancomp as an employer

Pancomp is a strongly growing company, focused on providing quality and profitability for service companies internationally. Pancomp values innovativeness and continuous development. Pancomp is committed to R&D and its employees are considered key to success.

Pancomp offers its employers challenging work opportunities in an environment where newest technologies are embraced, creativity is encouraged and employees are part of a bigger, international family.